Sorority mascot hunting

This past Saturday was “Pledge Day” at the small, liberal arts college I graduated from.

I was never in a sorority, nor did I have much inclination to join one, but I had a lot of friends in most of the six clubs on campus. So, hoping to run into people who had graduated, I went back for pledge day,  an infamous day where drunk freshmen run rampant and campus police seemingly turns a blind eye.

I lived in a program house most of my time at college, a theme house that offered alcohol-free events every Wednesday night. Wednesday is the big party night on campus, so we offered alternatives like Game Night, Movie Night, S’mores Night, etc. If anything, we were able to get some food into people’s stomachs before they went out drinking later.

I went back to stay the night at the house, since I still know most of the people living there. We decided to go visit one sorority that I had known a lot of people from when we heard a particular favorite was back to visit. 

When we got there, I was presented with an owl, the club’s mascot. It was the ugliest owl any of them had ever seen, painted neon colors and made from what seemed to be old pantyhose.

“It’s not that ugly,” I said, when the girls went on about its appearance. That was when they gave it to me.

This started somewhat of a scavenger hunt. We then went to two other sororities and managed to get them to hand over their own mascots they didn’t mind parting with. Now carrying an owl, a lamb and a ladybug, we tried to think of what the other club’s mascots were. The only other one we could think of was the Theta penguin, but the Thetas had moved off campus for the night for a retreat with their new members.

We didn’t know the mascots of the two rival sororities that were left. One of them lived next to the program house we had, so we decided to do the next best thing and steal an empty beer can from their yard– their “unofficial” mascot. My friend who was with me did one better.

The club had left three cases of beer outside in the snow, presumably because there was no room in their fridge. My friend ran up and ripped open one of the cases and stole a single can of Natty Light.

“Run!” she hissed, and we darted back into the house next door.

So ended the scavenger hunt for mascots of clubs none of us were in. It was a good night.


One thought on “Sorority mascot hunting

  1. I don’t know what possessed me to look back at Jan. 2008 entries from your blog, but I’m glad I did. Because this entry was TOTALLY my doing haha.

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