Zoso: The “ultimate Led Zeppelin experience” (…aside from the real thing)

I never thought I would pay to go see a tribute band, but $8 for what I heard was a decent version of Led Zeppelin seemed reasonable.

I went with a friend, an LZ buff, who determined at the end that the group was “pretty authentic.” All I know is, it felt like seeing the real thing. In the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t but at the time it seemed pretty amazing.

They’re called Zoso, and they played at the Newport on Saturday night. They travel a lot, so they have to be pretty good to go all over, right? They are heading to Knoxville soon, so I told a friend from school that he should go see them since they are hitting his part of Tennessee. 

One song, “No Quarter,” from the Houses of the Holy album, was particularly well done. It has this long piano solo, and then the drums come in. That unsual mix actually reminded me a lot of this one Nine Inch Nails song, “The Wretched,” and maybe a couple of their other paino-heavy pieces, so I have to wonder now if that band would consider LZ one of their inspirations.

Anyway, it was a good show. Looking forward to more musical experiences in the new city I live in.

The Super Bowl party at the apartment went well, although a few people cancelled the day of. Sounds like the flu is going around. I can’t even imagine taking a day off work due to being sick. I’ve never missed a day of any job I ever had, not counting that two-week stint as a telemarketer, where no one really noticed if you quit on the spot because the turnover was so high.


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