Wish me happy car-hunting

Oh, man… I need a new car.

Aside from yesterday’s minor fender bender that slightly bent my grill inward, my car is slowly falling apart.

It started two week ago, when I partially broke off my outside door handle on the driver’s side. Now I have to sort of wiggle it to open it. Oh well, I can live with that.

Then, when it rained last week, I got into my car the next morning to discover that the driver’s seat was really, really wet. I don’t know why, since in the dead of winter I tend to keep the windows shut. So that’s fun.

Finally, on Sunday, I dropped my roommate off in front of Nationwide Arena so she could get green seat tickets to that night’s game. She tried to open the passenger door (from inside, obviously), not realizing it was locked. The handle snapped, and now no longer works either.

So, if my driver’s side door handle falls the *rest* of the way off, I will have to enter my car from the passenger side, and exit it from the driver’s side.

Now the big question is: who wants to help me find a nice, but inexpensive, used car? Fun, fun.


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