Donkey drop and “American Gangster”

Nothing is  working out today.

No one is calling me back like they are supposed to, and the one person I had an appointment with today cancelled because they have the flu.

My brother is having a good day; he won “American Gangster” on DVD and tickets to an Oscar party at a local theatre in a radio contest at 8:30 this morning. They played him answering the question on the air and everything. I missed it, of course, but he called me right after he won. My brother also won an ipod last year from the publishing company he worked for at the time.

The only thing I ever won was worth being the only thing, I guess. The summer after my freshman year in college, my dad and I were eating lunch at the pizza place my brother worked at. A mother of one of my friends was there too, and she was selling $10 tickets to a donkey drop to support the athletic boosters.

A donkey drop, for those who don’t know, is when a piece of land is divided by a grid, and tickets corresponding with grid sections are sold. At the big event, a donkey walks all around that grid, and wherever said donkey eventually takes a crap is the winning section.

My dad thought it was ridiculous, but he bought me a ticket, for some reason. Anyway, that donkey crapped on my square and I won $500. I wouldn’t have won had I not been present, but for some reason I actually went to see where that donkey would poop on our hometown football field.

My dad and I split it. We figured we were equally deserving, since he, out of character, bought the ticket, and I, desite having no reason to believe I would win, went to the show. We also gave $50 to the woman who sold us the ticket. I still have that ticket in a box at home.


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