Being in the minority isn’t such a bad thing

My best friend from back home called me last night with some good news; she’s pregnant.
All of my friends from high school:

a. are married
b. have a child
c. are married and have a child

For the most part, they at least got married before having kids, with the exception of my one Catholic friend, who ironically was the one to have a kid out of wedlock and is now a single mom.

As for my college friends, they generally married each other, and while none have kids yet, many have adopted dogs.

 At least I still have one friend who, like me, has been dating someone for a few years. But not being engaged might weigh a little heavier on her mind than it does mine, which is not eased by the fact that she is currently helping her twin sister plan her wedding this fall.

All I can say is, hurray for Brittany. This will be interesting.


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