I still don’t know the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure

It is a nice thing, to be able to listen to music at one’s job. I thought the only job I had where I would be able to do so was during the two summers I worked as a hotel maid, or as we in the *industry* prefer to be called, a housekeeper. Just kidding.

The summer I worked at a Holiday Inn, I listened to the Lord of the Rings trilogy on tape, getting more use out a walkman than anyone has since the early 90s. By the time I worked at a Hampton Inn last summer, I had moved up in terms of listening devices as I had in hotel quality, and listened to music on my ipod instead. It was always my intention to download audio books and podcasts, but I never did. And once Brittany started working at the same hotel, that almost cancelled out my music listening as well.

But the point was, I could listen to music and/or books, and that was a luxery. Now I can still listen to music at my “real” job, so that is pretty exciting. There’s a lot of perks about where I work, so I pretty much lucked out as far as first jobs go.

Here is a list of the jobs I have had in my short career:

1. Arby’s, summer of 2003
2. Telemarketing, for two whole weeks in 2004
3. Home health aid, the rest of summer 2004
4. Holiday Inn maid, summer of 2005
5. Summer intern at the Times-Reporter, summer of 2006
6. Hampton Inn maid, summer of 2007
7. Daily Jeffersonian part-time copy editor, July-Dec. 2007
8. ACN, present

Home health aide and maid were the highlights (not counting the jobs that were in my field). As a HHA, I visited the elderly and cleaned and cooked for them. Mostly, they just wanted to talk. I wanted to do that every summer, but after that first summer, they changed the requirements. Now you have to have a year’s experience in the medical field, instead of just passing the 20-question multiple choice medical test I took. Trust me, that’s a good thing. 

As a maid, I got pretty good tips. The first summer, I saved them up to buy my ipod, and last summer I bought a digital camera. I use both of these often at work now.

Work experieces make for such great writing material. Next on the list: part-time bartender!


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