Being a grown up sucks

I paid my first-ever cell phone bill at the end of last month. You know, the old fashioned way, by sending a check in the mail. A week later, I got a text message saying my payment was overdue. So, I went right away and paid online. Problem solved.

I just checked my bank balance, and saw that they cashed my original check this morning. So Ibasically paid my bill twice. Luckily it was pay day so it didn’t overdraft my account, but now I have less money than I thought I would.

The good part is, I don’t have to pay my cell phone bill for a while, since the second payment was credited to my account, but it’s still disappointing. I gots to get the hang of this whole paying bills thing.


2 thoughts on “Being a grown up sucks

  1. Wait, you went through (presumably) four years of college without paying a bill? What about rent, electricity, heat, cable, phone, credit cards?

    • Yeah, not so much. My senior year/semester I lived in an apartment, but my dad paid the rent. All I had to do was pay the electric, which was taken out of my account directly. I also paid the water bill, but that only required walking a block up to the village hall once every two months. Man, I am sheltered…

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