Taking a break

I am snowed in at my friends’ apartment. Last night, we played Rock Band for like four hours straight. Tonight, the guys are braving the weather to pick up pre-ordered copies of the new Smash Brothers game for the Wii, to be released in like three minutes. I opted to stay in, not feeling it was worth risking my safety for a video game, but fully prepared to reap the benefits of their success.

We did venture out cautiously to the grocery store earlier, to get much needed supplies (a.k.a., frozen pizzas and Coke) but it was only a couple blocks away. People were nuts out there. It’s just my luck to move here in time for the storm of the century.

Then we watched season one of “Entourage,” which I had never seen but had heard good things about. It seems okay. I have a feeling it is a lot more appealing to guys, though.

A big thing was planned for tonight for the Smash Brothers release, but only about half the people could make it. John from Cincinnati and a friend from Woodsfield (middle of nowhere) came all the way here, but the Cleveland crowd was stuck. So, it’s just me and the guys.
Of course, sometimes it’s fun being the only girl in a group.


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