Not to mention the ads for Power Wheels

I  didn’t do much this weekend, but last night I watched “Howl’s Moving Castle.” I watched it because I remember it was nominated for Best Animated Picture a couple years ago, and I liked “Spirited Away,” which I think was done by pretty much the same people.

Anime, for various reasons, freaks me out and is not on my list of favorite things. But for some reason I like these Disney produced Miyazaki movies. They are a little dark but somehow I think they’re entertaining. In defense of anime, I also like Cowboy BeeBop, but that’s about it. 

“Howl’s Moving Castle” was pretty good. I still like “Spirited Away” better, artistically. I was watching it on Cartoon Network, and it had to have been the first time in years that I was watching CN before Adult Swim had started. I forgot how many breakfast cereal and Barbie commercials are run during cartoon shows.


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