The homeless journalist blues

The apartment hunt did not go terribly well.

When my roommates move out at the end of April, I will be homeless. Oh well, the roomies offered for me to stay with them at their new place for a little while. It’s nice of them to offer. I’m just not sure where my stuff will live during that time, since they are getting a smaller place.

I liked one of the places we saw, but my roommate-to-be decided after seeing the area that she’d prefer either living in a suburb around 270, or the Short North. The Short North is what I have wanted all along, but I’m realizing how much cheaper places like Clintonville are in comparison… But we can do it, right? After all, there will be three of us.

After work, I’m going to an open house. It’s a nice duplex a few blocks north of where I live now, but it sounds like a LOT of people are interested in this place that was just posted on Craigslist yesterday morning. I’ll fill out an application like the rest of the people there and just keep my fingers crossed, I guess. I’ve never filled out an apartment application before. The place I lived off campus last semester was pretty informal; it hardly counts as the growing/learning experience I was hoping it would be. It was just another dorm room, but with a longer walk to class.


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