We’ll always have Thurber and the Buckeyes

My dad’s coming into town in a couple hours, and we are meeting my brother for dinner. After LOST I’m going to sleep, and tomorrow, Dad and I are heading south.

The Williams family is not big on Easter, so we are visiting Brandon’s family for the weekend. There will most likely be an Easter dinner involved, but such things can’t be helped.

So we will be driving all day tomorrow, meaning I will spend a large chunk of my 22nd birthday in a car. And tomorrow is apparently NOT the first day of spring, as my birthday almost always is. This new development is disappointing to no one but me. Stupid Leap Year.

Wish me luck on the booooring drive to Knoxville. Did you know Quentin Tarantino is from Knoxville? Besides Brandon living there, that is about the only cool thing I know about it. But then again, how many cool things do I know about C-bus?


One thought on “We’ll always have Thurber and the Buckeyes

  1. I wish I’d known it was your birthday when you were here. I would have said happy b-day.

    That drive is not boring. It gets beautiful real quick-like when you get south of the Kentucky border.

    The only thing cool about Knoxville that I know of is that it’s near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, which are awesome in their cheesiness.

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