Gots me a new pair of shoes, y’all (not pictured)

 It was a good weekend in Knoxville. The weather was great, so it was sad that it snowed when we stopped for dinner in Kentucky on the way home.

Here’s some pictures from the Easter/birthday weekend.

Me and the fellow, in the kitchen.

Scrappy. Yet another picture of a dog on my blog.

It’s hard to tell, but this water tower says the name of the town, then “Y’ALL” on it.

This sign has my brother’s name on it (sort of) so we had to take a picture of that for him.

Cincinnati, downtown.

I had a good birthday; Brandon took me shopping and I got a black pair of Vans, just like I always wanted, at this discount clothing store called Ross. $13! I also got a sweet dress and a wallet to match the big purse I bought myself last week. So I didn’t get an ipod touch from my dad, but I did get $50 and the offer of his old bike to take to C-bus once the weather gets warmer.

I always come back from Tennessee feeling like I have adopted a southern accent.


One thought on “Gots me a new pair of shoes, y’all (not pictured)

  1. The “Florence, Y’all” tower is a landmark for any trip to Northern Kentucky.

    Not quite as much as the sign for Big Bone Lick state park, but still.

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