Would you like fries with that shaaaake?

 I got hit on outside a McDonald’s today.

A guy walked in after me, and I held the door open behind me. I smiled at him politely, and went on in.

He got out of the place with his food before I did, but he was standing out waiting for me. He asked how I was, and I said fine. Then he asked my name, and I told him. Then he asked if he could call me sometime, and I told him I had a boyfriend. He backed off pretty quickly, but I was still really surprised.

I always assume when people stop me, they are about to ask for directions or something. I am not accustomed to people asking other people out in front of fast food establishments for no reason.

But it was kind of nice, in a self-absorbed kind of way. Some guy who likes McDonald’s thinks I’m cute.


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