How do you like them apples?

I come from an Apple family. 

We got our first Macintosh computer in 1994, and when I was in eighth grade, we got one of those terribly stylish bright blue iMacs. That computer lasted me until my sophomore year in college. When it went kaput, my uncle gave me a spare from his workshop, a G4 tower. I still have it, and even though it doesn’t have the newest operating system, I still likeit. One major flaw, however, is that the CD drive stopped working, and it won’t come out. My brother tried to remove it to replace it with a Super Drive (while I am unsure of what this is, its name implies that it be Capitalized), but it wouldn’t budge.

So last night, Brandon tried to find me an external DVD drive, but my old computer only has USB 1 ports, not 2. That was when it started to sound sensible to buy a new computer.

This is what I want now.

Look how cute! Apple sure knows how to appeal to their potential female market. Ooh, and all that hard drive space, perfect for my hours of footage I could edit with the new version of iMovie. And then I can burn copies of the final product with iDVD! What a wonderful world.


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