Junk food and Rock Band and Radiohead, oh my

 The weekend was pretty crazy. The stupid Mars Volta concert got cancelled, after already having been postponed back in January. I wasn’t going to it anyway, but all my friends were really bummed. So instead, we threw an impromptu party, which would have been fine except there was already a scheduled party Saturday, so I pretty much went all weekend without sleeping very much.

The Saturday party with the ex present wasn’t so bad. He pretty much doesn’t want to talk to me ever again, so not much can be done about that. Luckily there were LOTS of people there who were not bitter about being dumped three months ago, and lots of people who do like playing Rock Band. Hurray for Mike downloading Oasis!

On Sunday, I went to brunch with the roommates and their friend, and had the best coffee ever. I think it’s called Illy. it’s Italian. Then roommate number one and I watched an entire disc of Gilmore Girls and gorged ourselves on white cheddar Cheez-its. In short, this weekend was very much like a typical weekend from when I was in college. It was nice. 

On Sunday night, I watched the NBC shows I missed Thursday night when I was in Cleveland, but as a result, I missed the new episode of “Desperate Housewives” that was on last night.

I have been listening to the new Radiohead album, “In Rainbows,” a lot lately. I wasn’t so crazy about the band except for a few songs, but this album is pretty solid. I bought a 2 GB flashdrive from Micro Center over the weekend, and it’s going to get some use tonight when I get a whooole bunch of new music for my ipod. 

On the downside, after recently seeing the photo quality of roommate number one’s iphone, I am coveting the new ipod touch even more. My current ‘pod is starting to freeze up every once in a while.


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