Say what?

I go to this awesome deli by my apartment some mornings, more often than I should, and grab breakfast before work. It really should be just a weekend thing, but this is what happens when you forget to buy groceries. Anyway, two or three times I’ve been there, there’s been this older lady sitting by herself. She can’t talk, she just makes sounds, but she babbles away in sign language. It’s crazy to watch. 

It kind of makes me want to learn sign language, just to see what the heck that lady is talking about all the time. I never had to learn because my hearing loss wasn’t THAT significant, but I still totally feel for people who are limited in their ability to communicate like that. What a bad time.

I think I’m gonna go to the library tonight and get some ASL books. How do you say “I want an egg and cheese multigrain bagel and a small coffee”?


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