Car issues all around

 Per Brandon’s comment, yes, his car did take a beating when he was up here last weekend. On Friday night, some moron hit his windshield with who-knows-what in the upper left corner. It was smashed pretty badly, and there was glass on the passenger seat. When he got home, his dad noticed his bumper was damaged, as well. People are really stupid, sometimes. And what a way for Brandon to be talked into moving to the city.

His car was parked at the old place when the windshield got hit, but we aren’t sure when the bumped was hit. He thinks it happened later in the weekend, since we examined the car for other damage after we saw the windshield. That would probably mean it happened at the new place. I hope it didn’t.

He got that car in September. It’s a 2007 Kia Spectra. People suck.

I am flying to Washington, D.C. Saturday to write about a group called Honor Flight. They fly veterans to see the World War II memorial, and I am interviewing C-bus veterans about the experience. I’ll be gone from 6 a.m. until around 9 p.m., which sucks, but I get to take Friday off because of the extra hours.

Friday will be used to finalize utilities and finish unpacking. I can’t really have people over that night, since I have to get up son early Saturday… On Sunday, I am going home again to get more furniture, before my stationwagon finally dies.


One thought on “Car issues all around

  1. My old car (a 1989 Cavelier) got broken into five times between living on campus and working downtown during college. Nothing stolen ever, because there was never anything worth stealing. People suck, yes.

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