Now I have a car with four doors that open

 Uggh, used car salesmen are slimeballs.

I bought a car yesterday. I did not plan on buying a car, but somehow, I did. I called a place in Dublin because they had a Chevy Cavalier I wanted, a 2004 with 50,000 miles.

I test drove it, and said I liked it, and tried to walk away to do more research, but they had an answer to every protest I made, and just kept making the deal sweeter.

I called my dad and he said it sounded pretty good, so I went ahead.

I should be happy, and I know I can afford the payments above and beyond, so I can have the chance to pay it off early, but I think making financial decisions makes me ill.

Yay… I have a car… and they are taking my stationwagon away so I won’t have to sell it or junk it.

 I am picking up the Cavalier Monday. They wanted me to take it then, but part of the deal was I told them I couldn’t *possibly* sign anything yet, because I needed my big stationwagon this weekend to move the last of my furnture. So they are letting me keep it until then.


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