Weddings and graduations, it must be springtime

Brandon’s coming here tonight. We are going to a friend’s birthday party and then a wedding on Saturday, back at the chapel of our college. My girl friend who is getting married tomorrow is in my class, and graduated three weeks ago. She is one of three girls I know now who planned a wedding and finished college in the same semester.

We’re going to a theatre near campus to see the new Indiana Jones movie, since that place is cheaper than Columbus. I heard it sucked, so I am less enthused than I was.

I have to cover a graduation Sunday, so Brandon’s probably leaving that afternoon. Then on Monday, I’m going to go see “Sex and the City” with the future roommate, and maybe fellow co-worker, if she deems it worthy of seeing twice.

Despite having Monday off, this week has dragged a bit; the office is slow, although we did get out for a long lunch yesterday.

In other news, it’s a mere 13 days until Death Cab comes to Ohio. Who’s obsessed? We’re obsessed.


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