Sex and the C-bus

Spammers best stop commenting on my blog with links to pictures of Paris Hilton naked. 

The “Sex and the City” movie was a lot of fun; it was better than reviews led me to expect. That doesn’t happen frequently, so it was nice to see a movie I thought would be a disappointment succeed. I mean, yeah, it was hokey, but so was the show. In that sense, it was true to fans. Mr. Big was still a jerk, who writers attempt to make redeeming, Miranda was still cranky, and Samantha was still a big loveable slut bomb. Carrie, self-absorbed as ever, is still the character I identify most with, no matter how much I wanted to slap her at her most pathetic. The only one who had things going her way was Charlotte, the prissy, yet maternal one. Despite a mishap in Mexico early in themovie, she hits the jackpot by the end.

Jennifer Hudson’s character wasn’t really necessary, but she added some humor to a low point in the movie, when Carrie is reeling and struggling to recover from the worst clash with Big yet. 

One big complaint I heard about this movie was that it dripped with commercialism. Judging from the Vitamin Water, Sprint, and new car tie-in ads I saw weeks before the movie came out, I had to agree. However, the complaint that Carrie focuses too much on labels in the movie is not as valid; sure, she tries on a bajillion designer dresses at one point, but weren’t all those magazine photo shoots and runway cat walks from the series more of the same? Carrie’s style has always been individualistic, but labels were still in their somewhere, right down to the Manolo Blahniks on her feet. That show was just as much about fashion as it was about relationships. Hence the whole “love and labels” bit is justified.

All in all, I liked it; despite a run time of 148 minutes, it goes a lot faster than you’d think. So go on, dress up and get out there. I saw a lot of Carrie wannabes in the theatre the other night, and worried my hair might count me among them unintentionally. Fortunately, I was wearing an outfit Carrie wouldn’t be caught dead in– jeans and a hoodie.


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