Burning fuel for friends, that’s right

Going home tonight to help my best friend Britt make baby shower invitations for one of our other friend’s shower next month. Britt is a couple months behind her in her pregnancy. Babies everywhere!! 

I am not bothered about being pre-determined the last of my friends to pop out a kid, but I do wish they would stop taking all the good names: Kirsti, Aiden, Dawson… I got dibs on David and Danika, people. Even if your kids will be in second grade by then.

So, I am going to cut out thirty-something tiny Snoopy figures and glue them to blue paper tonight. It’ll take hours, but such are the joys of paper crafting. I’m more excited about getting to start the seventh and final season of “Gilmore Girls” with Britt tonight. Sadly, this is the season that Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show as writer and creator, so I’m worried the dialogue and writing will suck hardcore. I’ve been warned by a fan that the first half of the season takes some getting used to.

It’s gonna be fun driving to work from the hometown tomorrow morning; I did it once before on a Monday, but it didn’t matter as much when I got there. Tomorrow morning’s the weekly meeting at 10, so I gotta make sure I leave on time.


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