As if you just couldn’t wait

The Former Future Roommate moved in on Friday while I was in Cleveland, so when I came back Saturday morning, the apartment was full of stuff. Like magic! The Stuff Fairy came and brought a couch and a toaster oven.

At last, some pictures, now that the apartment is no longer empty. Come to think of it, maybe I should have taken before-and-after shots.

We flippin’ built* those shelves over the toilet.

My room didn’t really change much.

Some of my artwork around the mantle.


Things are pretty sweet so far with the no-longer-future roommie, even if we do differ on the practicality of “decorative towels”. Guess who votes nay?

*And by built, I mean, we bought a box with pieces in it from Target and my roommate told me what to do until I managed to help her create bathroom storage. I may or may not have led to the doors being put on upside down.


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