Enjoying my empty room while it lasts

Since Brandon has been getting jealous of my blogging about Ben Gibbard and not him, here is an update on the boyfriend; after all, he reads my blog, whereas Mr. Gibbard does not.

Brandon is looking at jobs up here and recruiting me to look over his resume. He is regretting merely majoring in Biology, rather than Microbiology or Biochemistry, which sounds crazy to me, but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t know the difference.

He is coming up here this weekend to be part of a wedding party. Two of our good friends from college are marrying each other (it’s so convenient when you like both people involved). The downside is, he will be crazy busy all weekend with wedding party activities, and I don’t know a soul in Toledo. Oh well, worst case scenerio, I can hang out in the gigantic hotel suite we got for the weekend! Hurray for wedding party discounts.

He is looking forward more and more to making the big move; it’s going to be tricky, fitting all of our stuff together, but there’s probably some things I don’t need that I can donate to charity. It’s the merging of the stuff! How terribly exciting. Fights to be had, belongings to be tossed out the window and/or at each other. Let the games begin!

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