Maybe we’ll see Tina Fey!

 It’s summertime, and I’ve caught the travel bug bad.

This morning I planned a hypothetical vacation to NYC over Labor Day weekend. According to, one lucky person and I could fly there and back for $221. Ironically, what started this online adventure was a article about how fuel prices are killing airlines.

I want to go sooo bad. I haven’t been to the city since before my mom got sick, and I miss it.

My fake itinery has us flying out of Canton-Akron (cheaper, non-stop) at 2:11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 29 and returning at 8:39 p.m. Monday, Sept. 1. I didn’t book a hotel along with the flight, but I did get two tickets to tour NBC Studios, because you have to do one touristy thing there, especially if you bring someone who has never been there.

If I went, this would be my sixth trip there. This is just a tease. No more hypothetical traveling.


2 thoughts on “Maybe we’ll see Tina Fey!

  1. I do this constantly. Not only “buying” tickets for flights, but tracing the routes for road trips on an atlas, and checking tripadvisor for reviews of hotels in the towns I would pass through.

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