It’s Monday? Really?

Where did the weekend go? Oh, here’s where it went:


Helped former roommates move bed to my place, as well as their remaining furniture to Goodwill. I later helped them get their car out of the impound, since it was towed along with many, many other cars over ComFest weekend.


My dad came up and we went with family to ComFest and got poured down on for an hour, after a half hour of good weather. After drying off, we went back to Goodale Park for dinner, and then that night we bought junk food and vegged out over Gilmore Girls. (My dad rocks.)


Cleaned the apartment, set up the new bed, ate Chipotle and went to Microcenter with Mike, then crashed early.

My dad brought the family cat to stay with me while he goes to visit a friend in Knoxville. Then I will be taking Steve The Cat to my uncle’s Thursday, so I, too, can go to Knoxville to spend the weekend with Brandon.

Steve is basically the only cat on the planet I like. Pictures to come soon.


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