By and Large, I am stressed out

I made the drive to Knoxville and back.

Brandon surprised me Friday by taking me to my first-ever drive-in movie, a double-feature of “Wall-E” and “Prince Caspian.” However, I was pretty much passing out by the end of the first movie, which didn’t start until 9:30 (that’s when it got dark, anyway), so it wasn’t so much a double-feature as it was paying $8 a person for the experience of watching a movie outside. Totally worth it!

We had a picnic at a park by the river the next day, and did some shopping. It’s nice and weird, at the same time, that Brandon and I have about equal interest in Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

He is now facing the trouble of having to tell his employer that he is leaving. I guess once he does that, it’s all settled, and he’ll be coming up here to live. This has been a period of many life changes, to be sure.


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