It’s true… I’m a closet-pop music fan

 I finally used an iTunes gift card my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. I had been plotting off and on to use it to buy ridiculous Top 40 songs that I secretly love, but would never buy on CD. Here’s what I got, with $9.07 left on the card:

1) “Shake It,” Metro Station (Miley Cirus’s brother’s band… doesn’t get any poppier than this)
2) “Love and Memories,” OAR
3) “Shattered,” OAR
4) “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill),” Wyclef Jean
5) “Celebrity Skin,” Hole (NO ONE likes this band because Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain. I’ll be a traitor. It’s catchy.)
6) “Maps (live),” Yeah Yeah Yeahs (not really pop, but hard to find)

Am I really the only person on the planet who still likes OAR even though they quit smoking pot and started recording pop music?


2 thoughts on “It’s true… I’m a closet-pop music fan

  1. Who doesn’t like Hole?

    Actually I don’t really, but not because she killed Kurt. I did see Hole in concert once. Courtney traded her underwear for some guy’s Pearl Jam T-shirt, and then covered “Pennyroyal Tea.”

    CD101 didn’t play any Hole for like five years because she canceled two concerts in a row here.

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