Here’s looking to next weekend already

 What a lousy weekend. Guess they can’t be amazingly fun all the time.


Major stress at work, what with struggling to find parking within a mile of the county courthouse and covering a criminal sentencing. Not to mention being taken captive by an eccentric artist for two hours that afternoon, who dropped more names than a socialite at a cocktail party.

Went to a housewarming party on Friday night, but was unaware that my ex was going to be there. I might have fared better had I been given a little warning, but I just couldn’t make myself recover all night. It was good to see the new home of our friends, but I had a miserable night, for a number of reasons. At least my brother and sister-in-law were there for me that night.


Cookout for my army friend, who was home for a week. He’s back at his fort now, and he doesn’t have to go back to Iraq. Wish I had talked to him more that day. He’s leaving for Alaska next month to start a new, post-military life. Why Alaska? Who knows. That’s always been his thing.


Baby shower madness; Britt had to be steered away from Meltdown City when things weren’t done on time for the 2 p.m. event. But, all went well, and the one who is popping out the kid had a good time. Leah’s due in early August. She’ll have that kid before she turns 21 yet, by gosh.

My dad stayed in the city last night to teach a class on Ohio History this morning at a local community college. He taught the same class last summer, and he really liked it.

This week, I have meetings to cover most evenings, but I am trying to still have a life around them. Tonight is the birthday party/dinner of my fellow Muskingum journalist friend, and I am house-sitting for relatives on vacation all week. Luckily, their kids have a Wii, so I am inviting Owen and Jamie to come play Boom Blox with me one night.


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