Newsflash: Car wrecks are expensive

I authorized work to be started on my car yesterday. It will cost $1,979 in repairs. Phew.

They said I won’t get it back until next Thursday, which means the Cobalt is going to Cincinnati. I hope it doesn’t argue, because I am in no position to make threats.

A high school friend has a decently successful jam band in Athens called Papadosio, and they are playing at a bar in Cincy this Saturday night. College friend John lives down there, and seems pleased that I invited myself and friends to visit him. He comes up here often enough, so it’s only fair that we should make a trip down there once in a while.


One thought on “Newsflash: Car wrecks are expensive

  1. You didn’t tell me it was Papadosio. Remember I downloaded some songs from their not-so-willing-to-share-“band”width-website?


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