Babies everywhere!!

 I am not a baby person. 

Maybe someday I will be, but I just don’t see what the big deal is just yet.

Yesterday I interviewed a couple who had quadruplets. I must admit, babies are cuter when they are in multiples, and in matching onesies.

But now that Leah’s had her kid, I’m reminded of that Seinfeld episode, “You have to come and see the baaaaby,” where Elaine is hesitant.

I’m Elaine on this one. I never know what to say. I can’t fish out any of that, “oh, he has her nose” crap because I just don’t see it.

And I bet I’m not supposed to go empty handed… what does one normally bring when visiting one of the newest people in the world? Is frankincense and mihr stil en vogue?


2 thoughts on “Babies everywhere!!

  1. All you do is hold the baby but then hand it back quickly saying “it burns us!” That stops that. Or so I have heard.

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