Drama withdrawel

After finishing seasons one of both “Pushing Daisies” and “Ugly Betty,” I have become starved for new TV.

This is the only explaination I can offer for my return to my old drug, “The Hills”. Season four starts tonight. I spent much of yesterday catching up on season three, which I pretty much missed last fall, what with graduating and enduring family crises and all.

Oh, LC… why do I care if you and Heidi ever end your fued? And why does it bother me that Spencer is so evil, when this show has to be scripted? And why do I want to know so badly if it is or isn’t scripted?

I started watching the show when it started two summers ago. I was living with my cousin in another city, doing an internship at a paper, and she was all excited about the show’s premiere. She was a big fan of “Laguna Beach,” of which “The Hills” is a spin-off. She pitched it to me as a reality show centering around a girl starting an internship at a magazine. It turns out she doesn’t do any writing, she just helps plan parties and fashion shows for Teen Vogue, but by the time I figured this out, I was hooked.

I guess everyone has their own guilty pleasures; “Project Runway” is a reality show that is a little easier to justify, but there is absolutely no value nor redeeming quality to “The Hills” and yet I can’t stop watching.


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