Goin’ down to Knoxville, gonna have myself a time

Since Battelle never called Brandon back, and he is not coming up here for an interview, I am going down to see him this weekend, and make him feel less depressed about the dismal job search.

I came to work with the full intention of writing up an interview for a New Albany story, but blogging sounded so much more appealing.

My days are numbered here at SNP. That number is five.

Today is the roommate’s last day at the daycare she has had a love-hate relationship with for a whole year now. You know it’s gotta be a red flag, when they make you sign a contract for a daycare. She begins substitute teaching soon, and hopes to get her foot in the door at a lovely district. We were going to have a party to celebrate her last day, and make it a very belated housewarming party, but it turned out we were both leaving town this weekend anyway. 

We have yet to throw any kind of party there, it’s weird. Unless you count the party I had for the season finale of “The Office” in May.

I would normally feel really guilty leaving from work as early as I plan to today, but then I remember that their expectations from me can’t be too high at the moment, since I won’t work here anymore this time next week. 

Okay, I’ll still feel guilty, but less than usual.


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