Orange isn’t just for Halloween anymore

Sometimes when you drive 12 hours round trip in one weekend, two days can seem like they go by way too fast. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for my 48-hour trip to Knoxville.


I burned rubber and hit Knoxville before Brandon even got off work at the lab. He met me at a gas station, and we went out to eat with his mom and brother. Then we went and watched “Tropic Thunder,” which I hadn’t even wanted to see back when I saw the trailers. It was a lot funnier than I expected, and it may be the best thing possible for Tom Cruise’s career.


Brandon and I got up bright and early, against my will, at 8:30. We had breakfast ala Brandon’s mom’s awesome cooking, and went shopping in an outlet mall in Sevierville, aka, the most incorrectly pronounced town around, according to Brandon’s dad.

The outlet mall was great, but I bought three pairs of shoes (they were really, really cheap) and that is just ridiculous. Especially since I’m not wearing any of them today. 

There, I got this:

Is that a red-eyed Jack o’ lantern, or the girlfriend of a UT fanatic? Psst: It’s a little boy’s size jersey. Cheaper, and more flattering. Who knew my head would fit through that?

We had a late lunch at the Chop House, a local chain. It was a nice sit-down place and I ordered way too much food, because I was starving.

That night, we ate Brandon’s dad’s cooking this time, and watched “Burn Notice,” a family favorite show around there.


We went to Old Navy so Brandon could exchange a pair of jeans he bought. Breakfast at Sonic! Even though there’s a Sonic in Polaris, I always want to go there in Knoxville because they are EVERYWHERE.

I finally left at 2:30, when I’d meant to leave by 1. I hit Columbus around 8:30 last night, proving it takes six hours no matter what, despite 4th of July traffic in Cincinnati, a tumultuous rain storm, or wrecks in Kentucky.

Now I am here for my last Monday at SNP, trying to make myself be amazingly productive. I want to get as many stories as I can done for next week, after the holiday and after I am gone. Not to mention tying up the loose ends that come with having one week left.


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