I’ve woken up at 7 two mornings in a row

I was too exhausted after yesterday’s first day, and after covering my last New Albany Village Council meeting, to post about the job, but I have a few minutes before leaving for my first assignment. I am a little nervous about  blogging at this job, unlike at SNP, but here’s to testing the waters.

Day One entailed meeting a LOT of people, promptly forgetting half their names, and then being quizzed on the various agencies covered by the union. At the end of yesterday, I was given four agencies to cover. I will do their newsletters and write assignments about them for the quarterly magazine.

They are:

1) ODNR, the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources
2) ODOT, the Ohio Dept. of Transportation
3) Ohio EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency
4) BWC, the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation

Today, I am reading everything I can get my hands on about these agencies. The ODNR assembly meets Sept. 13, and I have to cover it. Too bad that was the Saturday morning/afternoon I was going to use to pick up Brittany and Adam for the weekend. Brandon has graciously offered to go get them for me, and have them here when I get done with work at 1. Just in time for lunch at Betty’s, which I know they will both love.

I’m also covering something THIS Saturday, from 9-11 a.m., so in two weeks here, I will have covered nearly as many weekend events as I did for SNP. 

That’s depressing.

In other news, my office is terribly empty. I need some personal touches in here, pronto.

My big fear is that this job will make my life terrifically boring; things and stuff better keep happening.


2 thoughts on “I’ve woken up at 7 two mornings in a row

    • Your profile picture of Fry kind of goes along with this comment; it makes me laugh a little.

      This is the loneliest office ever; I’d take the newsroom any day. On the plus side, I’m allowed to put music on my computer and listen to it, sans headphones.

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