Mmm, peppers

I think I could live off of peppers. Red, green, yellow. Raw, cooked.

I incorporate them into most dinners I cook, to the dismay of my roommate, and I am eating cold, crisp pepper slices with veggie dip right now. And when you find a vegetable you actually like, probably you should take advantage of it.

Brandon is the best cook ever; probably if he doesn’t find a job for a bit when he moves up, I will pay him to be my personal chef. He said he liked this idea a lot, and do I provide benefits? Sorry, no. Looks like you gotta marry the boss to cash in on those.

The converse of this was my joke; if he gets a sweet job in his field and makes more than I am now, I will happily go back to SNP where my salary will be just enough to foot the grocery bill. And then he can still make me food every night.


One thought on “Mmm, peppers

  1. Peppers are fricking delicious. I eat more red and yellow bell peppers than any other vegetable, and banana peppers and jalepeno peppers are sooo good on sammiches, burgers, pizza, hot dogs… pretty much anything.

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