A very important part on one of my hearing aids snapped.

I need to find a hearing aid repair shop, or else go to Zanesville and have it shipped away to get fixed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been bluffing a bit with people today. Smile and nod, smile and nod…

Frankly, I’ve been lucky; it’s been months since anything went wrong with either of them, so I should have known I was due for some disaster. As long as I don’t have to buy new ones any time soon, I’m fine with what gets thrown at me for now, phew.

First job paycheck priorities:

1) New front tires/winterizing my car
2) New contact lenses
4) Making a payment ahead on the car
5) Belated birthday present for Brandon (sorry you’re so low on the list, friend, feel free to comment with suggestions).

On a related note, this is basically my favorite cartoon ever. My dad and I saw this hanging inside a candy shop and I laughed so hard I about peed my pants.


2 thoughts on “What?

  1. Well, I guess the IPOD TOUCH goes above me as well. For a personal chef (see previous “Peppers” entry), I AM low on that totom pole.

    Suggests? STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED for the Wii. It is sweetness
    A monopod for my camera.
    A red rider beebee gun with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time.

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