That was strange


Did it get windy in here or something?

Central Ohio suffered a freak-of-nature wind storm Sunday night, and I got to drive from Zanesville to Columbus in it with Brandon, who remained calmer than I did.

I’m glad it wasn’t until much later that I heard a church steeple in Granville was blown off just after we passed through there. I kept asking Brandon if he thought there was a possibility a tree might fall on my car, and he dutifully said, "Absolutely not."

We took Rt. 40 instead of the interstate after I realized I felt like my car was about to be blown off course and possibly into a passing car at any moment.

We saw much damage and scariness, but thank God it didn’t start raining until we were safely back at the apartment, greeted by a somewhat freaked out roommate.

I had power yesterday, unlike most everyone I talked to, so my brother and his wife came over and did their laundry. I have offered my electricity to everyone I talk to and we are all hoping for the best.

Meanwhile, the weekend went as planned. Britt and Adam had a great time, and there is talk of Adam even driving for a future visit.

I got the hearing aid fixed up today, and it didn’t need sent away for repairs. It also cost nothing, so I am pretty glad my Zanesville audiologist happens to also have a Grove City office. Very nice.


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