Animal House

Shadow does not like Columbus. She looks awfully big in my smaller-than-Dad’s-house apartment, strangely. She seems very anxious, wondering if she is here forever, if something happened to my dad, or what. Plus, she has never stayed anywhere but at my dad’s house, besides the kennel, in her 12 years of life.

She has a hard time making it up and down stairs, so I was pretty surprised when she clunklingly followed me up to my room last night. She won’t stop following me around, no matter how many times I go from the first to second floor and back.

I wonder what she’s doing, now that I’m at work. I hope she’s not puking on my bedroom floor. Or anything, for that matter.

Steve the Cat is ticked. He was told he was in for a week of undivided attention, just like the days of illegally living at the BACCHUS House in college.

Brandon said we can’t get a dog anytime soon, and this week, I am starting to see why. The new plan is to get him to see that adopting Brittany’s mom’s two baby guinea pigs is the next best thing.

At least they won’t poop in the neighbor’s yard.


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