It must be getting late, because I’m getting ridiculous

That’s enough work for today. Phew, so this is what happens when you volunteer for projects.

Man, I need some new music on my computer. I’ve been listening to the same six bands for a couple weeks now. This would be easily remedied if only I would go get some different CDs from my car, or put those other Shins albums on my flash drive someday…

I keep thinking it’s Wednesday, which is not going to work out well for me if this pattern continues. The good news is, I get to leave at 1 on Friday because I worked last Saturday. I was going to go to Tennessee again this weekend, before I realized my dad isn’t coming to get the pets until Saturday evening. Oh, well. Brandon will be up here soon enough.

He is getting more and more anxious about our soon-to-be financial situation, but I think we’ll be okay for a little while. He never wanted to move up here without a job, so I hope I am right in thinking this is the best way to go.

Anybody want to hire a scientist? Think of all the wonderful things you could use a scientist for. You know, like identifying who exactly it was that stuck chewing gum under your coffee table. Or what animals have four legs but no fur? These are some of the many things you too can learn just by hiring Brandon for 30K a year.

I think you should consider it.


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