We’ll have to go through our DVD collections to find doubles

The move-in wasn’t terrible; Brandon didn’t bring as much stuff as I was afraid he would. We need to make some more room for some stuff, but miraculously, both our computers will fit on my desk. He’s got this cool switch where we can go from using one computer to the other, and share a keyboard, mouse, etc.

And now I have a Wii! I mean… Brandon brought the Wii that he owns. And now it is in the living room. Time to begin the countdown until Rock Band 2 comes out for the Wii. I seriously debated buying an XBOX 360 just for that game. It’s basically like crack.

Brandon’s going to the Bio Ohio Fair soon, and then he and I are meeting friends for dinner. It doesn’t quite feel like he lives here yet. It’s kind of like he just decided to come up for a visit on a Monday.


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