Flat tires to go along with my flat existence, *sigh*

So, this weekend wasn’t the greatest. I worked most of Saturday and then after walking to and from the convention center that day (nearly three miles round trip!), I didn’t feel like doing much. So Brandon and I watched seven straight episodes of "Freaks and Geeks," breaking only to go get some take out for dinner. That one and only dish from Noodles and Company is suddenly growing on me, I hate to admit it.

The conference Saturday wasn’t so terrible. We work closer with members of the union at those kind of events than any other time, it looks like, and they were all pretty nice to me. I got some cracks about how young I look, but my job at the conference was to convince older members to get younger people more involved.

Yesterday, we had my brother and his wife over and we went to breakfast at the Northstar Cafe. Then we played Mario Kart and Boom Blocks on the Wii, and after they left, we cleaned the apartment a little bit.

We are boring.

Brandon is still applying for jobs. He was pretty productive last week, what with going to the Bio Ohio job fair and getting an Ohio driver’s license and opening an account at a credit union here. He also got his insurance straightened out and is looking at new cell phone plans.

It’s been a fun week, having him here.

Brandon made an amazing chicken casserole Friday. Comfort food, just in time for me to be majorly depressed about having to work the next day.

On the plus side, I get to leave at 2 on Wednesday and Friday as a result. It will almost be like a normal day at SNP.

Also, at some point last week (?) I ran over a nail and my left front tire gradually went flat. Someone at work Friday noticed and said I should *probably* put some air in it. When Brandon checked the pressure gauge that night, it turned out the pressure was zero. Oh well, I’ve been needing new front tires for a while now.


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