When are you coming back?

I’m cheating this time and just taking the setlist from last night’s Death Cab show off of the interwebs. The asterisk-indicated ones were NOT played at the June 13 show I went to.

The Employment Pages*
Your Heart Is An Empty Room*
The New Year
Why You’d Want To Live Here
Crooked Teeth
A Movie Script Ending
Company Calls
Grapevine Fire
Soul Meets Body
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
I Will Possess Your Heart
We Looked Like Giants*
Long Division
The Sound of Settling*
Bixby Canyon Bridge
Champagne From A Paper Cup*
Title and Registration
Expo ’86*
Tiny Vessels

"Tiny Vessels" and "We Looked Like Giants" are two of my least favorite songs.

I was a little disappointed because since June, I have been listening to more of their older stuff (i.e., NOT their last three albums) and they pretty much just played the same older ones as they did at my first show. Although they put in "Champagne from a Paper Cup" in place of June’s "Your Bruise" from that album.

Songs I will probably never hear them play:

"Bend to Squares" (too old)
"What Sarah Said" (too sad)
"Brothers on a Hotel Bed" (too much like "Transatlanticism")

And the finale song was the same as last time, but I didn’t mind, because it was so good.

Tegan and Sara were not as good as I had expected; either Tegan or Sara sounded like she had a cold. Maybe both. Someone somewhere was flat, and the sound was off. But, they did the best on the last two songs, "The Con" and "Back in Your Head," so they left on a high note.

I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something missing from this show that made June 13’s better. Maybe it was the way I felt like I never really came home from that show for a couple of days after. This show was good, but it didn’t have that staying power. Maybe we should have tried to get closer.

But we were standing in a pretty good spot at the LC, for the slightly claustrophobic people. We were behind a small group of little girls (don’t laugh… they were short, so we could see) behind the second railing. Unfortunately, as it so often happens, a really, really drunk girl found us and belted out the lyrics for the first few songs as loudly as she could. Lucklily, she got tired pretty quickly. Good job, drunk girl. You let the world know you know all the words.

I feel like I know myself best when I am at a really good concert. I dance without meaning to, or caring. I get angry andwant to punch drunk girls. My heart rises out of my chest toward the stage.

This is getting really cheesey.

Brandon seemed to like it, too. He knew more songs than I thought he would. But he still hates Ben Gibbard.

"Enjoy drooling over him while you can, because it’s the last time he’s gonna look like that," Brandon told me, pounding his fist.

"Gibbard’s ass is mine."


One thought on “When are you coming back?

  1. He wasn’t as fugly from afar. Drunk girl was bad. I was deathly afraid she would be my third drunk concert mistress: hanging on my arm, singing, petting my chest, and me with no way out. You can’t just shove a drunk girl off. The fall very easily.

    And I completely agree on the cheese described above. Music that moves you physically and emotionally is good. Doing it with several hundred of your newest friends at a live concert is even better.


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