*Cough, cough*

Well, if anyone was envious of me for having Columbus Day off, you will be cheered to know I was sick as a dog all day. I am still feeling really crappy, but I would rather be at work today at THIS level of sick than at yesterday’s level.

Brandon and I were not very active this weekend either, but we did make our way to Magic Mountain for a round of putt putt. I drove a go-kart for the first time, and I couldn’t believe that none of our friends could believe I’d never been on one before. We were also going to play laser tag, which would have been another first for me, but the line was too long, and too full of screaming children.

Magic Mountain is wayyy overpriced. Either that, or I am a wet blanket. Either of these could be the case.

Brandon and I also went to see "Nick and Norah’s Inifinite Playlist" which was kind of fun. Michael Cera makes me feel old, though. I would feel like a creep for admitting he is cute.

We also watched ALL of season three of "The Office," because I have no will power. Particularly when I am sick and cranky. I would like Blockbuster to tell me why season two of "The Office" is $1.99 to rent per disc, and season three is $0.99 a disc. Not that I am complaining. But why is season two a "Blockbuster Favorite" and not season three?

This weekend, Brandon and I are going to Muskingum for homecoming. This is somewhat ironic, because I think of the four homecomings that took place while I was a student, I went to a total of one parade– and that was so I could cover it for the school paper. I never went to any football games. Brandon thinks he went to one.

We are nostalgic saps. Smack us now.


2 thoughts on “*Cough, cough*

  1. Kevin and I will be there for part of Homecoming…I’ll have to catch up with you at some point on Friday because I have pictures to return to you. 🙂

    I saw “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” too…I thought it was OK, definitely not what I expected.

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