Okay, I am freaking out now.

Yesterday my department finished up our quarterly magazine at last, which was what took over our lives after that conference a couple weeks ago. It was yesterday after I had a chance to breathe that I realized I still have to churn out four newsletters, one for each of my agencies, before the election.

You know, in less than three weeks.

The best part is, no one has turned in any of the articles they said they would, for any of them. I have nothing for one of them. Plus, I just need to throw together a draft so my boss can look at it and tell me what to do differently. I will need a lot of time to make massive changes to all four of those things that have not yet materialized,

One might argue that mayhaps I should stop whining and go do that, but hey, I’m not to that point yet. Pssh, obviously.

I get to leave at 3 today for an eye appointment. I have never been so excited about going to see a doctor. I am also leaving at 2 tomorrow, and meeting up with former SNP co-worker Eileen, after not seeing her for a couple weeks. She better not tell me what has happened on the last two weeks of "Project Runway" because I have yet to catch up.

Brandon needs some boys to play with. Any volunteers? Man play date? Mandate? (Okay, I stole that from "Gilmore Girls").

Listening to CD101 online at work helps the crazy stay in a little bit.

I do wish people at work would quit bringing in delicious food and leaving it in the break room. I have a condition where I am unable to turn down free food. Tuesday, it was chocolate espresso cheesecake. Today, there are leftovers from Hoggy’s after last night’s debate party (which I did not drag a conservative Brandon to).

Less than three weeks. Ohmygoodness.


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