Hire my boyfriend, or sentence him to a job at Pizza Hut

Homecoming was basically amazing. Although I did think it was a little strange that Student Life’s plan of attack for keeping alums from going to the fraternities and sororities and getting trashed was to have everybody gather together in a campus building and give them free beer.

Brandon, Kyle and I walked in to see whoever was inside, and Student Life insisted we take our six free beers wristbands. We walked out ten minutes later and gave them to our friend.

Cut off after six? Nope, he prolly got stopped on his way to 24, buddy.

We stayed with Kyle all weekend, which was awesome. My dad came to campus for a little bit Saturday afternoon and I saw him again Sunday when we went to meet my brother and sister-in-law for dinner.

It was great to see so many people in one weekend.

Meanwhile Brandon is still job hunting. I am delicately trying to convince him to start putting applications in for non-science jobs. You know, like Best Buy. And Cup O’ Joe. He is not thrilled.

in my last weeks at SNP, I searched for a second job before finding the union job posted online. Then, in one week, I had a second interview with the union and a scheduled first interview with Target. After I was offered this job, I called Target apologetically and explained that I no longer would be coming in for my interview.

I could be an exhausted journalist/retail worker right now. That wouldn’t be better, would it? I probably shouldn’t think about it too much.

Brittany is a week and a day past her baby’s due date. She is still holding out for Oct. 25 in order for her child to be the third generation of eldest children to share that birthday. She is coming closer to this goal than I thought she would. I am keeping my cell phone close. It would have been convenient for me if she had had it this past weekend, but somehow I don’t think my schedule plays into all of this.

C’mon, Oct. 25….


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