Office Space

I finally have some things hanging on my walls.

My office has been empty since I started, and this morning the HR lady came in to give me a pink sticker, since it is breast cancer awareness week here.

"Whew, you need to get some stuff up on the walls, girl," she said. "It’s just scary in here."

So I e-mailed an IT guy who once offered to bring me a hammer and nails once I brought something to to hang. All I had to hang up was a bulletin board my boss gave me last week.

He came in and even hung it up for me. I got really excited and covered it with all the stuff I used to have hanging on my cubicle wall at SNP.

He came back later and without saying a word, hung up a framed painting of a bicycle and a bouquet of flowers. The matting matches my office furniture.

So far, my BFFs around here are the two IT guys.


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