This pretty much better be the best weekend ever.

I am starting my fourth newsletter draft. I have completed two drafts but only one has been edited. These pretty much have to be mailed by Wednesday or Thursday to get out before the election, and the people I need to get back to me with help and material aren’t doing that.

I am just doing as much as I can today to avoid feeling sick with worry all weekend.

The newsletters aren’t as horrifying as you’d think, once you start, but the first one was by far the easiest; people submitted almost enough copy to fill it, and I had a story I had written earlier that applied, so I put that in. The second one, I had already generated enough of my own stories and photos to fill it.

These last two… I have no meeting coverage for them. I have very few pictures for them.

I did find out the other day that I can stick stories in that apply to the union in general, not just the specific agency the newsletter is being sent out to. I am taking advantage of that now and trying not to flip out.

Brandon and I are going to the Keller Williams show tonight. We’ll see if I stay awake. I woke up at 5:30 this morning two hours away from Columbus after visiting Britt and Adam and drove to work.

Luckily today is casual day.


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