In a mere four months, I will have accrued vacation time

I just pushed newsletter number two out the door. Two out of four ain’t bad. It’s not great, but it’s what’s happening. The other two will just have to wait for after the election. There will still be lots to report on after Nov. 4, since bargaining for the new three-year contract starts at the end of November.

The lady in my department who has been here eight years says she has never seen a year where there was both a presidential election AND a contract bargaining season.

Lucky meeee…

That will keep us busy until the first week of March. I am sooo taking some vacation time the week of my birthday.

For a fleeting moment it looked like I might get a four day weekend by taking next Monday off, but I was shot down. We have to do a lot of election-related activities this week and weekend and if we work on Saturday, we can take off some time later on, but we are being encouraged to do stuff out "in the field" during work hours rather than this weekend.

I am now looking at air fare to Pala Alto and train tickets to NYC. Someday… someday I will take a real trip and not a hypothetical one.


One thought on “In a mere four months, I will have accrued vacation time

  1. If we are near Pala Alto, we gots to go to the observatory. Dad says it is awesome. Just sayin. We take for real trip soon, in 4 months. If a certain someone hires me I should have 10 vacay as well!

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