Politically active for a day

The Democratic Party is not terribly organized in these last days, but they sure have some die-hards among them.

I showed up at an Obama office downtown this morning, where I was supposed to report to before canvassing my neighborhood. I ended up going with a group to Veteran’s Memorial instead, where Franklin County’s early voting is taking place.

To be honest, Brandon and I went there to vote Tuesday night and left, because it was so crowded. The Obama Ladies I met today were appalled when I told them this.

"But Obama wants his voters to vote early," one said.

I don’t think Obama would like the way that lady said that, but I smiled and nodded, and promised to vote Nov. 4, if not sooner.

So we hung around the parking lot and handed out Democratic Party sample ballots and stickers. It kind of made me feel good when people drove by and smiled, gave thumbs ups, etc. If there were McCain-Palin supporters they weren’t making themselves known beyond simply saying "no thank you" to a sample ballot. There weren’t very many overtly rude people, which I was afraid of encoutering while going door-to-door.

The rude people will surely be waiting for me on Monday, when I call their homes, but like my friend Andrew says, you can’t take it personally.

I did get asked out by one of the parking lot security guards today. He was a very forward person. I told him no, but I handed him a Democratic Party sample ballot. Turns out he had already voted.

Now I am here at work, but only for the next hour or so. Tonight, we have plans:

6-8 p.m.: TRICK-OR-TREATERS! I am way excited. I’ve never gotten to hand out candy before.

8-10: Highball Halloween, a big party all along High Street in our neighborhood.

10 p.m.: My high school friend’s band is playing a campus bar tonight. A group of friends and I saw them this summer in Cincinnati.


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