One less job available in today’s economy– boo yah!

As of today, Brandon is no longer an unemployed scientist.

Instead, he will be working two miles from our house, researching ocular oncology (that’s "eye cancer" to us normal folks) in a lab at OSU Medical Center. He’ll find out his start date and pay when he talks with an HR person after Thanksgiving.

Way to go, buddy. Knew you could do it.

**Update: It turns out there is a Filene’s Basement here in Columbus, since two people have told me that this hour. That’s awesome, but don’t tell the international students, or I will lose all my cool points.

As if I hadn’t had enough of six-hour car rides


Chicago, here I come. I decided to dress casually today, since it’s sort of the Friday of our work week, but no one else here was thinking along those lines. Oh, well.

Brandon is in his second interview for the OSU Med lab assistant position, so keep your fingers crossed. It sounds like there may be another candidate being interviewed today, from an offhand comment the receptionist made when Brandon called this morning.

With my brother’s trouble-shooting help, I was able to get my video files in the right format. I spent yesterday editing away in iMovie, and even though I am a little bummed that the footage shot darker than my camera’s display led me to believe, I can’t wait to show it to my boss. I hope she likes it, and then I hope she buys me iMovie 8. Not likely. I was told at one point I would get an Apple laptop to use, like the others in our department, but I haven’t wanted to push that.

One my my department members just gave me a refresher on Dreamweaver, the web publishing software I took that class on earlier this month. It was much more interesting creating new things on the actual web page, instead of putting pictures of flowers on a fake website in class. Those of you who know the union, look at the main page. I put that picture of people posing with the life-size Obama stand-up on there! Oooh, the power.

This is a very techy post.

Last night I went out to dinner with Owen and Jamie. Brandon stayed home, since he didn’t want to get anyone sick. They are such a funny couple, I love hearing about the crazy things that happen to them. Good story tellers. They are hosting Thanksgiving at their new home tomorrow, so it will be strange that my family will be together without me for the first time.

My uncle out in Palm Springs will be all alone, so Dad said to make sure I call him to say happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

And now, to wrap up with a list; Here’s some of the things I would like to do in the city this weekend:

1) Eat at Giordano’s, a Chicago tradition started by John from Cincinnati years ago, on my first Model United Nations trip
2) Sears tower observation deck
3) Tour the Field Museum
4) Go to Filene’s Basement, an awesome discount designer clothes store my mom and I discovered years ago; I totally got brownie points on my last Model UN trip when I took the international students there.
5) Meet my aunt and her side of the family for lunch on Black Friday

It’s gonna be a good trip. 🙂

Mind trip for the day

This morning I said to Brandon, "Would you agree that Rafiki from ‘The Lion King’ and Yoda from ‘Star Wars’ are similar characters? I mean, they are both there for comic relief, but they’re also like the smartest person in the whole movie."

"That’s arguable," said Brandon. "Also, they each lead their mentee, and the main character, into the wilderness to show them visions of characters voiced by James Earl Jones."

"Woah! You just blew my mind."


Please, no one get me sick this week

It turns out we didn’t get drug tested together. It was just a two-hour review of the company’s drug and alcohol policy. But there was a turkey dinner afterward, and that’s all that matters.

Here’s a couple pictures from Saturday:

It was a smaller crowd than I had thought we’d have, but it turns out we may not have been able to fit many more.

On Sunday, Brandon and I went to see "Bolt" in 3D. It was a pretty funny movie, especially for a kids’ movie. I saw "Twilight" was number one at the box office though, what is with that movie? I read some foul reviews of it, yet everyone on facebook was buzzing about going to see it Friday night.

I am still having trouble getting my camera to get along with my computer. It was a bad time to give away my Mac, that’s for sure.

Brandon is really sick today. He was instructed to call OSU Medical Center between 3-4 today to set up his second interview, but he had to leave a message. Originally, I envisioned him getting an interview time on Tuesday, being offered the job, accepting it, and driving to Chicago without worrying about it anymore. However, since he is sick now, the new vision is waiting until after Thanksgiving for his second interview, and hoping he isn’t still sick when it’s time to leave for the city.

This is gonna be a good week

For one thing, I get to leave early Wednesday to drive to Chicago with Brandon.

Today, our office is taking part in a mandatory two-hour drug testing training. I like the way they put "training" on the end of that, as if we were being trained on how to drug test other people. It’s really a training they are holding in order to make sure none of us are on drugs, but at least they are throwing a Thanksgiving banquet directly after to lighten the mood.

I was required to get myself drug tested within the two weeks before my start date. I remember waiting in a facility in Upper Arlington between interviews.

I can’t wait to go to Chicago. My aunt, uncle and cousins will all be in the city Friday afternoon, since Cary is originally from the Chicago area, so we are going to meet them downtown for lunch after we go shopping.

Pictures from Saturday’s party to come. Not many, but they do exist.

*Rumble rumble*

The event I am filming doesn’t start until 6. It doesn’t make much sense to go out into rush hour traffic to get dinner now, on a Friday at 5, so I am going to hope they have food at this shindig.

I am encountering footage editing issues already. I need to convert all of my clips to a format that iMovie will like, and the software I downloaded to do this did not deem me worthy. I’ve got the weekend to troubleshoot, because I think I should have this video done by Monday afternoon for it to be a good web bit.

Luckily, I do have a brother who worked as a Mac tech support person for nine months before finding a job in his field. Too bad we have had to call on him enough already this week, what with Dad’s computer failure and all.

I am a little freaked out about hosting a party tomorrow morning, since I am getting in late tonight and practically haven’t been at the apartment in two days, but that is what making lists is for. We won’t have much heavy-duty cleaning to do, and Brandon and I are getting food to make tonight.

Pictures to come, assuming I remember to get out my camera.

Running on fumes, a.k.a. caffeine

I made it through three boxes last night, that’s not so bad, is it?

It was nice to be home, even if I did sleep a little badly and it was rough, rough, rough to wake up at 6 this morning. But it must not be so bad to go to work from Caldwell, or else I would stop doing it.

Thank God for Brandon coming along and keeping me awake.

It snowed last night. Only about half an inch or so, but enough to cover everything in white and make the roads difficult. Even as I swore at our county roads and the few other drivers out that early, I couldn’t help but think how pretty it was. There’s nothing like the first snow of the season. Enjoy it while it’s still a novelty.

Brandon’s job interview at OSU is going on right now, so I hope that goes well. He got a new phone today, the Blackberry Storm that just came out, so at least he had that to distract him from being nervous for a while. Even if he doesn’t get this  position, he is at least getting some interviewing experience.

I like this job alright, and I think I could get used to it, but it is still comforting to imagine Brandon at a good job in a time when, if I wanted to, I could go back to being a poor, destitute journalist. It’s nice to know there are options.

There aren’t a lot of plans for this weekend, other than tomorrow’s game day party. Tonight I am staying at work to shoot some footage of an awards ceremony, where we’ll be thanking our members for the work they did in the election. It’s over at 8, but hopefully I won’t have to stay that long. I know I will be ready to pass out when I get home.

There is not enough coffee on God’s green earth.

You can go home again… twice in one week

It really feels like it’s Friday, and that is going to kick my butt tomorrow morning.

I am going to Caldwell with Brandon after work. I’m leaving at two, to pick up my new contacts order in Zanesville, and then we’re getting take-out food on the way to Dad’s. Brandon is going to set up my computer for Dad, complete with his old files, internet bookmarks, and even his old computer’s desktop picture.

We’re also giving him a spare flat screen monitor. Merry Christmas, Dad. We have no idea what to get you.

I am also supposed to start going through my mom’s clothes while we are there tonight. My dad has a meeting of the local historical society to go to, so I will probably go through things by myself while he is gone. There’s no way I will get through all the boxes, but I know Dad will catch on to me if I keep putting it off. I’m never gonna feel like doing this, so if I hold out for the day I do, I’ll be waiting forever.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to getting those shrimp tacos from the Mexican place in Cambridge on the way home tonight. Mmm. Don’t judge me.

Fondue time = good time

We have no idea who won that Coach purse but we closed the place down last night. Walking around Easton after 10:30 is a little odd, especially when the night crew is busy carrying in plastic, furry reindeer and giant presents to decorate the mall with.

We dressed up, and felt a little sheepish walking to the restaurant, but we fit right in once we got there.

Mmm, fondue…

It was a good time. Sometimes you just really need to be with a bunch of girls. I don’t know what it is.

Brandon and I decided five seconds ago to host a party for the game Saturday. Usually our friends in Bexley host, but they have a lot going on right now so when we heard they weren’t planning to throw one, we decided to take it on. Why not?

Good times.